One of the simplest ways to stay healthy is to get a good night's sleep. And what better way to do that than by giving your bed the luxury hotel overhaul treatment.

Whether you want to splurge on luxury sheets or just learn how to make your bed with crisp and clean corners, you can turn your bedroom into a much-needed heaven right now.

And while you're at, why not make at-home turndown service a thing? Chocolates placed on pillows are always welcome.

Make it right

If you've ever slipped into a bed at any of the world's best hotels, you know that there's something special about the smooth sheets, the tightly tucked duvet, and how cool and crisp it all feels against your skin.

What's the key to re-creating this at home? For starters, you'll want to forgo the fitted bottom sheet. In order to get that perfectly smooth, wrinkle-free base, hotels use oversized flat sheets to line their mattress.

To do so, however, you'll need to learn a simple new skill: the hospital corner.

This involves tucking a flat sheet under one side of the mattress and working around the bed from one corner to the next. Once you've reached the next corner, pull the excess fabric toward you and then up onto the mattress, creating a 45-degree angle relative to the side of the mattress you've just tucked in.

Leave the fabric creating a 45-degree angle atop the mattress and tuck the leftover fabric neatly under the side of the mattress you'll be working on next. Then, pull the fabric making the 45-degree angle back down the side of the mattress, flush with the corner. (Visual aids come in handy. Google it.)

The next step is the top sheet, which you'll want to place upside down onto the bottom sheet. Take your time to smooth it out, tuck it underneath the foot of the mattress, and use hospital corners to tuck in the other sides and two bottom corners.

Once that's done, opt for a down duvet and a simple duvet cover. Tuck the duvet under the foot of the mattress as well, smooth it out, and fold the top of the duvet down from the top of the mattress. Use hospital corners to get that crisp, clean look for the corners and along the foot of the mattress.

Some hotels tuck the duvet in along the sides as well, in which case you'll want to fold down the top of the duvet and tuck it underneath afterward. Give it all one final smoothing out by tugging gently on the sides of the duvet along the longer edges of the mattress.

You'll also need at least two pillows for each side of the bed. Many hotels mix synthetic and down pillows to help create varying density and firmness. Then add a few throw pillows or shams for good measure. (They'll give you that sink-right-in feeling.) A set of decorative throw pillows will tie the whole look together.

Luxury sheets

If you want to have the all-out luxury, you're going to have to pay for it. The most sought after linens can cost as much as a mattress. That's especially true if you opt for the creme-de-la-creme sheets made by Frette, Mascioni or Sfera.

Frette, which has been producing the famous Italian sheets for more than 160 years, is the gold standard of luxurious linens. Not only do they feel good on your skin, but they wash well and last.

Mascioni hails from the era of Italian midcentury design. However, the look and feel of these sheets is timeless. The company was founded to supply sheets only to the finest hotels in Italy. Lucky for us, they've expanded their offerings and are now available to trick out your bed at home. Monogramming optional, but highly encouraged.

Sferra sheets go a long way toward making you feel as spoiled as you do on vacation. The Italian home-linen brand offers a wide array of styles, including Grande Hotel (in crisp white) and Fiona (in a selection of colors).

Sustainable sheets

If your tastes (and morals) lead you to consider the carbon footprint of your sheets, consider Saatva, Cozy Earth and Cultiver. They offer sheets that stack up to the quality found at luxury hotels, but minimize their ecological impacts.

Saatva offers ethically sourced, 100% organic linens. The company also is one of the most popular contemporary mattress companies out there.

Cozy Earth makes sustainable bamboo-fiber sheets that help decrease humidity and trap less body heat to allow you to drift off in comfort.

Looking for something a little different? Cultiver, an Australian company, makes flax linen sheets. They're smoother and more comfortable than most other linen sheets and last a long time.

Budget sheets

There are plenty of excellent bedding companies out there offering high-end quality at more reasonable price points.

Brooklinen, a relative newcomer to the bedding industry, sells luxury-caliber sheets at reasonable prices. The Classic Core Sheet Set starts at just over $100.