Colleague Joel Rippel passes along this interesting story from the New York Times. Apparently, the woman who wrote "Slap Shot" would like the Hanson Brothers to stop making public appearances.

It could stop if Nancy Dowd has her way.

Dowd, who wrote the screenplay for “Slap Shot” based in part on the experiences of her brother, Ned, who played minor league hockey, said she believed Hanson and the Carlsons were performing as the Hanson brothers illegally.

“I own the rights to live representation,” Dowd said. “We’ve put them on notice and sent a letter to their lawyer.”

She said she became aware of their performances several years ago and said her concern was with how the characters were being presented.

“What they do in these shows, those are not the Hansons,” she said. “I created the Hansons. The Hansons were innocent goons. Not some dirty old guys in wigs. They tell dirty-old-man jokes. I find it offensive.”

She added, “I think they’ve seriously diminished the value of ‘Slap Shot’ by these dog-and-pony shows they’ve put on.”

That view came as a shock to Dave Hanson, who said he last spoke to Dowd four or five years ago. He said they laughed about memories of filming “Slap Shot,” and she never mentioned having an issue with their performances, which have been going on since 1993.

“I’m so sorry she’s mad at us,” he said. “I don’t know what dirty-old-man jokes she means. When we come out, we talk to kids about how they’re doing in school and how their grades are. We’re colorful and lighthearted. There’s nothing insulting about what we do. If anything, to my mind, we’re helping to prolong the legacy of ‘Slap Shot.’