Keep it moving. That’s the gist of the new signs Metro Transit placed in the downtown St. Paul skyway near the Green Line’s Central Station.

“ATTENTION No loitering, stopping or eating in hallways/skyways. Keep moving. No sitting/kneeling on floors or stairs.”

Then the sign says “City Ordinance 140.02,” which leaves passersby to guess that the rules on the sign are derived from that ordinance.

However, while that city law does seem to prohibit passersby from kneeling on the floor, there is no language prohibiting eating or stopping unless it obstructs others from being able to walk through the skyway.

Metro Transit spokesman Howie Padilla said Friday that the rules are a combination of the ordinance and Metro Transit’s code of conduct for people on buses or trains. “It fit with what we needed,” Padilla said.

The language was approved by the St. Paul city attorney’s office before it was posted, he said.