As told by son Erik. “Our group of four, including my 59-year-old father Bart Grams, above, took our annual trip into the BWCA recently and covered 10 portages to get to our fishing spot. We caught multiple walleyes over 24 inches, including seven that measured 28 inches! My dad caught the largest, at 29¼ inches, with a quarter-ounce pink jig and minnow. The unbelievable fishing made the grueling six-hour hour trip out in 34-degree rain, hail, and snow well worth it.”


“While everyone was catching huge crappies and good-sized northerns at my grandparents’ house on Fairy Lake, the only fish I caught was this small crappie,” said Taylor Callahan of Sauk Centre. “Oh well, I was still excited.”


Bee Thao of St. Paul was fishing recently for walleyes and white bass in the Mississippi River in St. Paul Park when this monster catfish, estimated at about 48 inches, swallowed his minnow. Thao released the behemoth. “It was too big to fit in my bucket,” he said.


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