What if winter … never came? That's not going to happen, and, frankly, it would be a very bad sign if the flakes didn't fly and the winds didn't howl and the temperatures didn't tumble. It would mean we were past the point of no return. The arrival of winter is a reminder that we haven't irreversibly screwed things up, at least not yet.

The first real Canadian slap of autumn is brewing for the first weekend of October; you might actually need a jacket.

Meanwhile, your drip-dries may be drooping after Wednesday's June-like downpours. Puddles this morning give way to gradual clearing later today. The weekend still looks partly glorious with sunshine and highs near 80. Soak it up because we cool into the 60s early next week; in about two weeks we may be looking at highs in the 40s and 50s. You know, actual autumn-like weather, for a change.

It's still unusually green out there for late September. Minnesota's growing season is two weeks longer than it was a generation ago. That's not a nebulous climate model; it's based on actual NASA observations of greenery from low-Earth orbit.