Harry Smith interviews Chad Hartman while Dad looks on

Looks like Minnesota will have to share Sid Hartman with the rest of the country, at least this Sunday.

Harry Smith, the long-time anchor of CBS morning shows, was in town Feb. 7, doing interviews for a Hartman profile, which will run sometime between 8 and 9 a.m. during the Sunday edition of NBC's "Today" show.

Smith, 65, moved to NBC about six years back and seems to be relishing his role as substitute anchor and roving reporter, filing three-minute pieces on everything from square dancing in Montana to penguin-counting in Antarctica.

"Everytime I get on a plane, I still get excited," Smith said moments after wrapping up an interview with Sid's son, Chad, in the kitchen area of the Star Tribune.

Doing long-form feature stories in the short-attention world of television news? Sounds like a dream job.

"Shhhh!" Smith said.

Smith, who also took in a Timberwolves game during his overnight stay, said the Hartman piece didn't yet have a run date.

Hartman, 96, seemed pleased with the attention, although he had more questions about this blog posting than the NBC interview.