DVD: There goes the bride

Kristen Wiig plants a bawdy, brave and brashly feminist flag in the male-dominated raunch-com genre with "Bridesmaids," a comedy from the Judd Apatow team. Wiig plays Annie, whose love life consists of booty calls from her narcissistic sex-buddy, Ted (Jon Hamm). When Annie learns that her lifelong best friend, Lillian (Maya Rudolph), is engaged -- and that Annie is to be the maid of honor -- the new reality sends her into a tailspin of envy, grief and self-loathing. But when it turns out that Lillian's bridal party also includes the rich, perfect Helen (Rose Byrne), Annie's insecurities metastasize into a florid case of overpowering Id. Helen competes for Annie's BFF status, a call to arms Annie meets with an escalating series of misguided attempts at one-upswomanship, each salvo more explosively funny than the last. The discs (Universal, $30-$35) include commentary by director Paul Feig and deleted scenes.


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GAME: Talk about a tough sell

"BloodRayne: Betrayal" ($15 download for Xbox 360, PS3; rated Teen) takes what was a traditional action series and reimagines it as a lavishly animated 2-D side-scroller with a cartoony but graphically violent look. That animation is elaborate to a fault, particularly when you're trying to dodge peril and Rayne's attack animations create a slight but critical lag in control sensitivity. Those who pride themselves on mastering cruelly challenging games will get their money's worth several times over, thanks to a campaign that's tough to beat and a scoring system that's merciless and demoralizing. Mere mortals, however, should be advised: If you don't go into "Betrayal" hungry for a beating -- not simply tolerant of one, but hungry for it -- you're bound to get chewed up, spit out and left wanting your $15 back.


GADGET: Trade in your Apples

GameStop has started a trade-in program for Apple products, ranging from first-generation iPod Classics to the iPad. The game stores are offering compensation in cash or store credit, although as you'd expect, you get more credit than cash for swaps. GameStop's website for Apple trade-ins doesn't list the retailer's exchange rates, but a quick call to a store revealed payouts of $17 in credit for a 30-gigabyte third-generation iPod Classic or $150 in credit for a 16GB iPhone 4. Granted, there are lots of places you can send unwanted Apple tech for money, but that often requires shipping out the items and then waiting for a check to arrive in the mail. GameStop is offering immediate gratification, and with the game-buying season just ramping up, the new program offers yet another way to take the sting out of buying new games.