PHILADELPHIA -- Vikings tight end Visanthe Shiancoe held a conference call with Twin Cities media Sunday evening and he made it clear he believes the team's game against the Eagles could have been played Sunday and didn't need to be postponed until Tuesday night.

Shiancoe said the league's decision to move the game "baffles" him when asked how bad the conditions are in Philadelphia this evening.

"You know what, the roads are bad for East Coast standards," Shiancoe said. "But if this was in the Midwest there would be no way that this would be delayed. No way it would be delayed in the Midwest. No way. No way. It’s kind of weird to me that the game has been [postponed]. It’s something that baffles me. But I’m not here to make decisions on when games are played. But I just want to share my opinion."
Shiancoe said "not at all" when asked if players had any input on the decision and he said this latest development is just another chapter in a bizarre season.
"No other season will ever compare to this," he said.
While he disagrees that the conditions were too severe to play, Shiancoe said he understands the fan safety issue, although he questioned why that wasn't applied for last week's game at TCF Bank Stadium.
"I’ve never seen a game canceled because of snow," he said. "I’ve never seen that. I do understand fan safety. But we had a game in Minnesota. It wasn’t canceled because of fan safety and it was way more snow than this."
Shiancoe said the positives in the two-day delay is that players have more time to rest and study. The team will have meetings at their hotel Monday morning, a walkthrough at the Eagles facility and then more meetings in the afternoon.
The delay also sets up a short week for the regular-season finale at Detroit next Sunday. Shiancoe joked that they may play that game at TCF Bank Stadium the way things have gone the past few weeks.
"I’ve never seen a season like this," he said. "I’ve never been a part of a season that’s been so bizarre. Such an eventfully packed season like this. Never been a part of such craziness. ... You just can’t make this stuff up man."
Shiancoe was asked how he plans to recover once this season is over.
"I think I’m going to fly to Mars and stay there for a little bit," he said.