A Scottish tourist was snorkeling in a lagoon of Reunion Island east of Madagascar on Saturday when he vanished, prompting a dayslong search that included capturing and opening up tiger sharks to find signs of a human.

An necropsy of one of the sharks revealed the man’s fate. His severed hand was found inside one of them, Réunion La 1ère reported, and his wife identified it by the wedding ring still on his finger.

The French island has been a magnet for shark attacks this decade, with 11 shark attack fatalities since 2010, including two this year. In May, a surfer died after his leg was bitten off in an area where surfing is off limits, and a fisherman was killed in January, USA Today reported.

It was not clear if the tourist who died this week was attacked by a shark, or if he drowned and was later devoured by one.

Shark attacks — mostly by bulls and tigers — increased 23-fold on the island between 2005 and 2016, researchers have said.