Canning competition: I imagine somewhere right now someone is bragging about the ribbon they won 20 years ago. That is some serious nursing home cred

Carneys: I watched these guys blow up about 20 balloons in 5 minutes. It made me lightheaded and dizzy watching them, and I didn’t even have to go on a ride.

Sky Glider: There was a great moment where two older people, each riding alone, passed each other on the Sky Glider. I couldn’t help but wonder if this was a missed connection. Maybe they’ll meet and be sharing a car at next year's fair?

Space Tower: A lot has changed at the fair over the years, but the Space Tower is still gently spinning people around 33 stories above the fairgrounds.

Foot Long Hot Dog: This is my first fair food item every year, has been for 30 plus years. Order it with fried AND raw onions. I call it FRAW (fried and raw). I keep using that term in hopes it will catch on. No luck so far.