Shakopee police and school officials are investigating the spread of inappropriate photos of high school students at Shakopee High School.

A student approached a police resource officer on Jan. 27 in the lunchroom to report that numerous images were circulating among students.

Shakopee police found that several students at the school were involved in the photos.

Shakopee Police Chief Jeff Tate said the photos appeared to be of a sexual nature.

The police department has interviewed a number of students linked to the photos.

“We are looking into the extent to which these images were disseminated,” he said.

“We are not even sure yet if charges will be appropriate here or not. We are still trying to connect the dots and put this investigation together.”

Tate said the district sees a handful of similar cases each year.

He said that nothing indicates a school staff member was involved in the photos.

School officials said they cannot release more information because of privacy restrictions.

In a statement, Superintendent Dr. Rod Thompson encouraged parents to talk to their children about the dangers of sending inappropriate photos via e-mail or text.

“Everything sent over the internet or a cellphone can be shared with the entire world, which is why it is important to exercise good judgment in sending and/or sharing messages and pictures,” Thompson wrote.

“It also is imperative that parents talk with their children of all ages about social media and monitor their online social media use to help them navigate this new, ever-changing online social world.”