Fans of the Tom Emmer campaign video showing the gubernatorial candidate waiting tables at Ol' Mexico Restaurante and Cantina in Roseville last Saturday probably recognize Elizabeth Pavlick.

She's the server that Emmer shadowed for his stint as gubernatorial-candidate-turned hospitality worker.

Emmer said on the video that he worked for about three hours serving meals and clearing tables.

Pavlick said Wednesday, about a half-hour before Emmer's town hall meeting with servers, that Emmer's shift was actually about two hours. Pavlick said she made about $60 in tips while Emmer joined her.

Critics have blasted Emmer for saying he supported a "tip credit," which allows restaurants to pay servers below minimum wage, and that there are servers who make more than $100,000 a year in salary in tips. When the criticism intensified, Emmer said he favored allowing servers to not pay state income taxes on the first $20,000 in tips.

Pavlick, whose family owns the restaurant and has Republican ties, isn’t just friendly to customers. She donated $250 to Emmer’s campaign, according to the Associated Press.