A few weeks ago, a real estate video advertising a luxury Uptown property (and a fellow with killer abs) went viral drawing praise and guffaws alike.

Now, the same agency, Lakes Sotheby's International Realty, is marketing a new property in Orono in the same way. You can see the video it here. More info on the property is here.

Called "Lake Life" the narrative shows an attractive man leaving work in a Ferrari F430 Spider for home (the listing at 2100 Shadywood Road). When he arrives, he's greeted by an equally attractive wife, and then more attractive people come for a dinner party.

In between, the video shows off the Lake Minnetonka's environs, and the 5500-square-foot property itself, which you can have for $2.895 million. The video ends with the couple cuddling before a chic mid-century firepit, which bears no resemblance to the rusty Coleman fireplace in my backyard.

The video was produced by the same firm that produced the Uptown commercial, Spacecrafting, and seeks to show not only the three-bedroom, four-plus bathroom property, but the lifestyle it promises, said agent Adam Fonda.

The mid-century property "stands out like a supermodel," Fonda said. "It's one of the few homes I've seen that looks good any time of the day and at all angles during shooting."

He said the video treatment "opens the doors of the home to a greater pool of potential buyers."

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