The $5 gold piece returned by a newsboy to one of his customers in this story amounts to more than $110 in today’s money. His reward for tracking down the careless customer? Even less than the Minneapolis Tribune's headline suggests. The penny given to the boy covered only the cost of the newspaper.
Ask yourself: What would you give an honest lad for taking the time to find you and return a hundred bucks?

Newsboy Is Given Penny
When He Restores $5

“Morris,” the energetic proprietor of the news stand at Fourth street and Nicollet avenue, spent an anxious two hours yesterday trying to locate the owner of $4.99 that had come into his possession. In the rush of early morning business someone gave the young news vendor a $5 gold piece for a penny in buying a Morning Tribune. In the first lull in business Morris looked over the morning receipts and was surprised to find the yellow coin in the collection of coppers.

“Some guy might need that,” Morris said to himself, and proceeded to go over in his mind the customers likely to have made such a mistake. Soon an inspiration came to the lad and he dashed a few doors down Fourth street and breathlessly entered a restaurant where a number of his patrons are in the habit of taking breakfast. Morris went direct to the man he suspected and soon ownership of the gold piece was proved to the newsboy’s satisfaction and the money turned over. Morris received a penny in exchange for the $5 coin.

Now the question has been raised whether he had a right to expect any more. Morris hasn’t said what he thinks.


If you look closely, you can see a newsboy striding toward the camera in this 1910 photo of Fourth and Nicollet in downtown Minneapolis. (Photo courtesy