A Maplewood mother who passed out drunk on top of her toddler inside her home while she left a baby strapped to a stroller outside must abstain from drugs and alcohol while she’s on probation, a Ramsey County judge ruled Thursday.

Alyssa A. Rangel, 26, was sentenced after pleading guilty in February to one count of child endangerment as part of a plea agreement.

Judge Rosanne Nathanson granted a stay of imposition and said that Rangel must follow the terms of her two-year probation. During that time, Rangel must abstain from alcohol or drugs, cooperate with child protective services and undergo chemical dependency and mental health evaluations if recommended.

Rangel’s defense attorney told the judge that she was faring well with her recovery program. When Nathanson asked if Rangel had anything to say, Rangel apologized for her actions.

According to the criminal complaint, a neighbor called police to the 1300 block of Skillman Avenue in Maplewood about 2:40 p.m. on Nov. 9 because a 7-month-old baby was strapped to a stroller left in the driveway. An officer found Rangel unconscious inside the home and on top of her 19-month-old child, who appeared OK but was not wearing pants or diapers.

Rangel was given a portable breath test, which registered 0.307.