Senate Minority Leader David Hann, R-Eden Prairie, said legislative leaders spent too much money this session.

He said there were some good accomplishments on tax relief and new construction projects, but he called for more focus on education and healthcare.

“We spent a lot of money, and I think we spent too much,” Hann said after senators adjourned.

Over two years, he said, legislators added roughly $6 billion in new spending, about $2,900 for every household in the state.

“Spending money isn’t always evidence that we’ve accomplished anything,” Hann said.

High school graduation rates are low, standardized test scores are flat and the achievement gap is still huge, he said.

“Spending money and having good intentions is not enough," Hann said. "There are too many kids in this state who are left behind. Spending money hasn’t helped them.”

“We have to do some things differently; we have to do some things better,” Hann said.