A driver of a semitrailer truck escaped major injury after he drove through a railroad crossing and was struck by a train.

The State Patrol released the dash-cam video of the crash on Tuesday to remind motorists to pay attention.

A State Patrol trooper pulled the driver over for a routine inspection about 9 a.m. on Jan. 20 in Mountain Iron, said State Patrol Lt. Tiffani Nielson. When it was completed, the driver pulled away and drove toward the railroad crossing at the intersection of County Roads 7 and 101. With the crossing lights flashing and train horn blaring, the trooper watched in disbelief as the truck continued into the crossing with train barreling into it.

The train caught the front corner of the tractor, pulling it about quarter mile before it came to a stop, Schweigart said.

The trooper ran to check on the driver, who suffered only a cut on his forehead near his eye, Schweigart said. The driver seemed incredulous that he didn’t see the lights or hear the train’s horn because he was preoccupied watching a car ahead of him turn onto a frontage road.

The St. Louis County sheriff cited the driver for failing to stop at a railroad crossing.

“This is a reminder to be aware. Be alert,” Nielson said. “He wasn’t trying to beat the train. He just didn’t see it. And railroad crossings aren’t very forgiving.”