A study that St. Paul commissioned in 2007 focused on five possible redevelopment scenarios for the Ford plant. All of them include housing. Many of the options would include amenities such as bike paths and parks, either along Mississippi River Boulevard or within the plant site:

SCENARIO ONE: Primarily industrial use. This plan could retain the Ford-UAW-MnSCU training center, the assembly office/showroom building, part of the existing assembly facility and two freight rail lines.

SCENARIO TWO: Light industrial/"flex tech." This could include clean-light manufacturing, warehousing and research and development. There could be a series of plazas along Ford Parkway, with gathering spaces for retail and office buildings.

SCENARIO THREE: Mixed use - urban campus. Possible components could include office/institutional, educational, research and development or offices. There could be residential development along the edges and retail along Ford Parkway.

SCENARIO FOUR: Mixed use - urban village. This option would emphasize single-family detached housing, similar to the surrounding community. There could also be a cluster of office buildings at the gateway of the Ford Bridge and Mississippi River Boulevard.

SCENARIO FIVE: Mixed use - high-density urban transit village. This would feature a compact community organized around a transit station with several modes of transportation corridors.