Peace, love and sliding: In 1969, the summer of the Giant Slide arrived in Minnesota. The fashions slipping down the slide that year included "minidress with buccaneer sleeve," and "the knit tam is reported to be very 'big' on the teen scene this fall." Since then, the big slide has appeared on the front page of the paper, in countless Instagram videos, and in not a few wedding albums. In 1996, Rob Barona and Stacey Pittroff-Barona, whose family started the Giant Slide, got married at the top and gunny-sacked down as husband and wife. What is the appeal of a quick whoosh downhill? "It's just a real simple concept and it hasn't changed much over the years," said Pittroff-Barona last year. Simple and constant: That describes some of the best things at the fair.

Wednesday Sept. 2

Fact Frenzy: Minnesota movies and music star in this round of our trivia challenge. Play along for fabulous prize packs and bragging rights. 9:30 a.m.

Talent contest: The competition is fierce in our third and last batch of semifinalists. Watch and vote here. 10:30 a.m.

Grandstand/Lyle Lovett/Siama’s Congo Roots: Texas singer-songwriter Lovett, whose music blends more flavors than Ben & Jerry’s, headlines a twofer day that also includes the infectious Afropop grooves of Congolese guitar picker Siama Matuzungidi. Lovett at noon; Siama’s Congo Roots at 3 p.m.

Food Guide: Walking up to a food stand and walking away with fair food is a hallmark of summer. Here’s a list of stands around town that feel like the real thing.

Conversations: University of St. Thomas athletic director Phil Esten talks with Michael Rand about the transition to Division I sports. 2 p.m.