Photo by Bob Pixel Photography

Photo by Bob Pixel Photography

How’s this for transatlantic exposure? Twin Cities-weaned rapper M.anifest is featured in a new video profile from London’s BBC, which filmed him in Ghana.  

The real-life Kwame Amet Tsikata, who still maintains local ties after a decade as a Minnesotan, is back living in his native country and generating quite a buzz as a music maker there. He has won several trophies at the Ghana Music Awards and has been working with other African musicians of note, including Donzy and HHP.

In the clip posted below, M.anifest tells the BBC’s “Africa Beats” that he finds Ghana to be “a ridiculous place, and so that has ridiculously inspired me. It provokes everything that you can imagine in me.”

Performing for the BBC with a live band led by reputable Ghanaian musician Kwame Yeboah, he shows off two of the tracks he has dropped since relocating, “Debi Debi,” and “Someway Bi,” both of which come off his EP "Apae: The Price of Free" and are available via iTunes. He explains their meaning in the clip. He also has an evocative video for “Someway Bi” that shows off his new/old surroundings.

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