Fox News host Sean Hannity replied, “Amen,” when one of his followers tweeted that particular news organizations should not receive White House press credentials during the Donald Trump administration because Wikileaks proved they colluded with Hillary Clinton.

Hannity is one of President-elect Trump’s allies in the media and WikiLeaks discovered, among other things, that DNC chair and former CNN pundit Donna Brazile sent town hall and debate questions to the Clinton campaign before CNN events during the Democratic primary race against Bernie Sanders.

“CNN, NYT, WaPo & others shown to have colluded by should not receive WH press credentials,” one user tweeted to Hannity’s delight.



Sean Hannity (@seanhannity) November 14, 2016



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CNN cut ties with Brazile last month after news of the leaks broke, but Hannity and his Twitter followers apparently think the network doesn’t deserve to cover the president going forward.

The response came after Hannity openly pondered on Twitter Sunday night if CNN senior media correspondent Brian Stelter would start investigating his network’s collusion with the Clinton campaign.

Hannity answered his own question: “Never. He is a FNC talker.”

Stelter bashed Hannity throughout the campaign for promoting Trump. The two have exchanged Twitter insults and Hannity once threatened a lawsuit agains the CNN media guru.

Some followers were quick to seize on Hannity’s “amen” comment, agreeing with the idea to ban some news orgs from the White House.


@JRMcClaren Yes, keep the swamp out of the WH and starve them until they shape up… @seanhannity

— LIDIA MONROE ✡ (@LidiaMonroe) November 14, 2016




@JRMcClaren @dmartosko @brianstelter @seanhannity @wikileaks Absolutely agree. Corruption and media bias/propagandists have no place in WH.

— Deborah Solomon (@AlphaVita54) November 14, 2016



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