April 29
Didymo, or Rock Snot, clings to rocks underwater in the Onion River on the North Shore of Lake Superior.

'Rock Snot' algae mystery has researchers blitzing the North Shore

Aiming to protect fish in Lake Superior, teams race to understand a messy invader previously foreign to trout streams Up North.
April 28
Mosquitoes, too, aren’t big fans of Minnesota’s chilly spring so far, and the cool weather will likely mean fewer of the pests this summer.

Waiting for spring warmth? So are the mosquitoes

They will arrive later, and there will be fewer of them.
April 27
This undated photo provided by U.S. Fish and Wildlife shows a king cobra snake hidden in a potato chip can that was found in the mail in Los Angeles.

From king cobras to geckos, 20% of reptiles risk extinction

The research, published Wednesday in Nature, adds another dimension to a substantial body of scientific evidence that points to a human-caused biodiversity crisis similar to climate change in the vast effect it could have on life on Earth.
April 27
A public charging station for electric vehicles in New York, March 7, 2022. Hennepin County will focus on a long-term plan to get electric cars and ch

Hennepin County, Minneapolis, Duluth selected for first-of-its-kind climate change grant

They were three of 22 cities and counties that will receive technical assistance to reduce gas emissions in disadvantaged areas
South Metro
April 27
Colette Alexander, 12, snuggled up to a lamb she got to hold as the girls got a chance to get up close with the farm animals at the Girls Explore Scie

Girls Explore Science program at Dodge Nature Center

Dodge Nature Center in West St. Paul offers an after-school science program for girls 5th-8th grade. The program is meant to a positive social environment for girls from different schools to explore different parts of nature and science. Each program is once a week for a month. On Wednesday a small group of girls ages 10-13 learned about agriculture and got to get up close with farm animals.
April 24

University of Minnesota researchers work on male birth control

U researchers work on male birth controlResearchers at the University of Minnesota created a birth control pill for male mice, which proved 99% effective in…
April 24
Several common educational strategies lean into the idea that, in the classroom, challenge is something to embrace.

The good struggle: Teachers lean into the idea that, in the classroom, challenge is something to embrace

When Hunter, 6, started first grade last autumn, he struggled to match letter sounds with the shape of letters on paper. He found writing letters…
April 24
A Culex pipien mosquito specimen in the insect collection at the Field Museum shows the type of mosquito that carries the West Nile virus.

Climate change may push the U.S. toward the 'Goldilocks Zone' for West Nile virus

Climate change may raise cases of a dangerous mosquito-borne virus.
April 23
The electric Alia aircraft needs no runway to take off and land.

Battery-powered plane soars

"You're looking at history," pilot Christopher Caputo said. He was speaking from the cockpit of a plane trailing the Alia, an aircraft that is, essentially,…
April 23
Science has found that you may need less exercise than you think to live a long and healthy life.

Is 30 minutes of exercise a day enough?

To live longer, research suggests, work out 150 minutes a week.
April 23
Experts say millions of people are affected by trauma, which has become a buzzword and a meme. So why aren’t more of them being treated?

PTSD is often undetected, but early help is key to recovery

Nancy Méndez-Booth was diagnosed with PTSD after she delivered a stillborn baby in 2008. Within an hour after she rushed to the hospital, in labor…
April 21
Conservation Corps volunteer Sarah Curran planted trees near the Mississippi River in 2019 to counter more frequent, severe flooding due to climate ch

Minnesota's climate action plan calls for sweeping changes in energy, farming, transport

The state is taking public comments through April 29.
East Metro
April 21
Brothers Leonardo, 3, and Gabriel Munoz, 2, watched as goats ate their way around at Creekview Park on Thursday, April 21, 2022 in New Brighton, Minn.

Suburbs rely less on manpower, more goats to beat back invasive plants

New Brighton, Maplewood to bring in herds of goats to feast on buckthorn.
April 21
A diorama of sandhill cranes completed in 1946.

Anderson: Fascinating new book celebrates 150 years of the Bell Museum

The book, like the museum's new building, showcases visionaries' long-held belief that science and public education — and entertainment — can go hand in hand.
April 20
Rep. Kristin Robbins, R-Maple Grove, is sponsoring legislation to ban social media platforms from targeting user-generated content at kids.

Minnesota legislators tangle with tech giants over social media content for kids

A proposal targeting Big Tech's algorithms has drawn the companies' intense opposition.
April 20
Former President Barack Obama has focused on the need for greater transparency and regulatory oversight of online discourse.

Barack Obama takes on a new role: Fighting disinformation

Former president warns that the scourge of falsehoods online has eroded the foundations of democracy.
April 19
Worldwide trust in science is rising, but misinformation is threatening scientific credibility, according to the 3M State of Science Index. Shown is g

3M survey: Trust in science is high, but misinformation is a threat

The company's fifth annual State of Science Index also showed rising global concern for climate change.
April 18
Members of a group know as “The Submergents” soak in icy Lake Harriet in a spot dubbed “Harriet Magic Hole” in January.

Scientists to study polar swimmers who take dips in Harriet, Cedar ice holes

A group of Minneapolitans who jump in icy city lakes all winter long will contribute to metabolic and mental health research.
Home & Garden
April 16
Kathleen Pomerleau released one of monarch butterflies she helped incubate from an egg.  What started as a lakeshore restoration project 20 years ago

Maple Grove couple's lakeshore restoration project nurtures monarch butterflies

Star Tribune Beautiful Garden winner shelters butterflies and serves as an educational tool.
April 16
Bill Ekblad, election security cyber navigator for the Minnesota Secretary of State’s Office, is managing the distribution of $3 million in federal

Election security money going to Minnesota counties ahead of 2022 vote

75 counties applied for $3 million in federal funding to shore up cyber defenses.