Big surprise: they marketed Smurfs for a year, aimed it at kids, got 200 promotional tie-ins, and it beats out a sci-fi western that half the target market already torrented -  and beats it by $300,000. HAS THE WORLD GONE INSANE? Hollywood Reporter tries to figure out what happened:

In a surprise twist on Friday’s opening night box office numbers, The Smurfs beat out heavy favorite Cowboys & Aliens.


The 3D toon grossed $13.3 million, while the Jon Favreau-directed Cowboys & Aliens grossed a meek $13 million.


Maybe it was George Lopez’s stumping for The Smurfs, which he stars is in, that pushed the movie to win Friday’s opening night. Lopez continues to tweet all weekend, hoping that his film can take the opening weekend top spot. “Sarah Palin said .. If Smurfs beat Cowboys Vs Aliens, She's moving to Mexico ! Go SMURFS !!” he wrote.

Yes, that did it. Lots more audience reaction here. People are apparently invested in these things. Meanwhile, here's Katy Perry with a large Smurf. 

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