KSTP-TV meteorologist Dave Dahl knows exactly what's being said behind his back regarding his wives -- past and present.

I spent time with Dahl and his third wife, Julie -- "my last" -- at a private opening Saturday for Urban Eatery, a restaurant and bar from the Crave restaurant guys that's replacing The View at the Calhoun Beach Club. Party-goers raved about the chicken pot pie, sweet potato fries and Asian pork sliders on steamed buns.

Returning to our meteorologist, let me say that at least half a dozen times during Dahl's marriage career, someone has asked if I'd ever noticed that all of Dave's wives looked exactly alike.

"Yeah, I know," said Dahl abashedly. "I know people say that. But it's not true."

Then he allowed as how No. 2 and No. 3 do resemble each other, but No. 1 doesn't look like either of her successors.

Julie said she actually liked being compared to No. 2, because Julie thought she was very attractive.

The amusing conversation continued with the boyish meteorologist and granddad (who probably feels a need for younger wives because of that portrait of himself that's aging in his closet). We commiserated over our bad knees, injured playing sports. He told me which item I wrote about him that he found most hurtful - no need to revisit that in more detail. Then Dahl wanted to buy me a drink.

I wanted the pretty drink Julie was having. When the server was asked what was in Julie's glass, I heard a variety of fruit juice pulps and some kind of water. It was very noisy in there and I clearly did not hear all of the ingredients mentioned by the server.

One sip through a straw and I could tell something was wrong with the juice pulp. It was the taste of vodka, which I don't think I've ever had before. Because I don't drink and drive, but write about people who do, I was brought a replacement, a liquor-free lemonade.

As he proffered the money, Dahl said sweetly: "Now, are you going to be nice to me?"

Tonight I am, I said with a smile.

Target marketing?

Someone who hangs around with Target types tells me the retailer might be interested in carrying Bethenny Frankel's Skinnygirl Margarita product.

Could that have anything to do with the "Bethenny Ever After" star and chef writing this Wednesday on Twitter?

"Hey guys! a few meetings in minneapolis, then home in time for 'bath-eez' w bryn. Best time of day -- unmissable."

Target Corp.'s charming PR guy Joshua Thomas confirmed "Bethenny was at Target today. We do have plans to carry her Skinnygirl Margarita at a small number of our stores [that sell alcohol]."

Target exclusively carries Frankel's "Real Housewives" and "Bethenny Getting Married" DVDs.

Hips don't lie

The "Dancing with the Twin Cities' Celebrities" hips with probably the most exciting action have been undermined by a bum knee.

St. Paul's FACES restaurant owner David Fhima had to pull out of Saturday's charity event at the Minneapolis Hilton because his orthopedist doesn't think the muscles around the chef's knee need the added stress of trying to remember dance steps. Fhima doesn't need to be out of commission with any new knee problems, his wife, Lori Fhima, told me.

I imagine, just from watching Mr. Sexy Pants navigate FACES' kitchen and dining areas, that he can dance? "He can dance," said Lori.

Melinda Jacobs, who will dance the bolero, asked me to handicap the hip action of her competitors. But since not everybody is doing a dance that requires hip action, this is all I have to offer. No matter how Macy's trend expert Laura Schara sambas, guys will love it. Fashion blogger Richard Moody of IamMoody.com will tango up a storm. And Joe Schmit, KSTP sports anchor ... well, let's just hope he doesn't pull anything.

And the Arthur Murray Dance Studio professionals would probably appreciate remaining uninjured at this benefit for various charities.

Fido + human friends gala

Being honorary co-chairs of Whisker Whirl, Saturday's fundraiser for the Animal Humane Society, will be bittersweet for Ben and Abby Leber.

Moose, their Great Dane featured in video at www.startribune.com/a205, died recently, said Deb Balzer, a public relations manager for the Humane Society.

"We are grateful Abby and Ben care about all animals and have worked with us since they came to town, [but] this will be sad for them," she said.

At least for a couple of hours the Minnesota Viking and his wife will be up to their knees in distractions, as 500 people and 200 dogs are already "confirmed guests" for the dinner, etc., at the Minneapolis Depot event.

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