Because of a quirk in the NBA schedule, the Wolves didn’t have to wait long for their rematch with Denver.

It was just four days ago, in Denver, that the Wolves built an 18-point, second-half lead against the Nuggets, only to see it all melt away in a 111-108 overtime loss.

So is such a quick rematch a good thing?

“We know what we did wrong,” Andrew Wiggins said. “We know how the players want to play, their style of play. So we’re well aware. We’re prepared for the game.’’

A game that gives the Wolves a very quick opportunity to ease the sting of that overtime loss.

“Definitely it is,” Wiggins said. Then he smiled. “We plan on winning this game, so it will feel good after the win.’’

But seriously:  “It’s better than not playing them for a long time,” Wiggins said.

Rookie Karl-Anthony Towns would like to remove the bitter taste of both recently road losses. After the Denver loss the Wolves lost in Phoenix Sunday after the Suns scored 43 points off Wolves turnovers. “That loss was probably more difficult,” Towns said.

To Towns, improving the team’s transition defense is as important as any potential revenge for that overtime loss to Denver. “That’s the game of basketball right there,” Towns said. “Everything matters. Transition points killed us in Phoenix. We’re trying to clean that up.’’

To Shabazz Muhammad, tonight’s game is a chance to get something going at home.

“[The Nuggets} played last night, they beat Houston,” Muhammad said. “We have to go out there and leave it on the floor. We have to come out with an edge.’’