David Johnson went from Ryder Cup fan to internet sensation after his good-natured heckling of the European team's putting during a practice round last week at Hazeltine led to an impromptu chance to putt up or shut up.

The Euros invited him to make the 12-footer they couldn't hit — and he did, scoring $100 and a story to tell for an entire lifetime in the process.

Fast-forward to this week, and Johnson was back in the national spotlight — this time on "The Late Show" with Stephen Colbert.

On the program, Johnson heckles Colbert during his monologue as part of a prearranged bit, barking at him to "start the show!"

Colbert then invites him on stage to make yet another putt — this time on a simulated miniature golf course, and into the mouth of a Donald Trump photo.

Colbert drops $5 into the pot ... and Johnson once again calmly sinks the (albeit much easier) putt.

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