INDIANAPOLIS -- With Cedric Griffin recovering from a torn ACL, Antoine Winfield coming off a season in which he was slowed by a broken foot and Benny Sapp potentially leaving as a free agent, the Vikings very well could be looking for a cornerback in the draft this April.

Two names to keep an eye on are Florida State's Patrick Robinson and Rutgers' Devin McCourty. Both said they have not spoken to the Vikings at the NFL Scouting combine but that doesn't mean anything. Some of the formal meetings have yet to take place.

As far as initial reactions, it seems like McCourty would be a better fit in Minnesota than Robinson. The Vikings use a variety of defensive looks but their base is a Cover-2. Robinson said he played mainly man-to-man at Florida State, while McCourty played what he called "half and half" of Cover 2 and man-to-man. McCourty also is comfortable playing either inside in the nickel or outside.

Here's what NFL Network draft analyst Mike Mayock had to say about the two:

-- On Robinson: "The biggest question about him is his lack of consistent technique and his lack of physicality. He’s a gifted, gifted kid but he’s not a trained killer. He will not consistently hit people. I don’t see a fit there with him in Minnesota."

--  On McCourty: "He might be the best special teams value in the draft in addition to being a potential starting corner. He’s a gunner and a jammer, he’s a return guy. I think he could fit in quickly in the nickel package. He’s a very, very physical defensive back. Most people have him in the second round but he could be a legitimate late one."

The Vikings will have the 30th pick overall in this draft.