Most RPO-heavy NFL offenses in 2017

The Vikings are expecting to face more run-pass options this season, especially considering two NFC North opponents — the Packers and Bears — feature offensive coordinators high on the concept. First-year Bears coach Matt Nagy was Chiefs offensive coordinator last year. The Vikings are also set to face the Eagles and Jets this season.

Eagles: 181 plays

Chiefs: 168 plays

Packers: 143 plays

Panthers: 104 plays

N.Y. Jets: 102 plays

Least RPO-heavy offenses in '17

Baltimore 11 plays

L.A. Rams 13 plays

New England 14 plays

RPO by percentage of total offensive plays in 2017

Kansas City 17.1%

Philadelphia 16.9%

Green Bay 14.3%

N.Y. Jets 10.4%

Carolina 10.1%

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