With a joke, a dig and a cereal box, DFL gubernatorial candidate Tom Rukavina made a pint-sized television ad buy to urge folks to caucus for him on next Tuesday night.

The TV ad is the first of the 2010 campaign (two other candidates have aired radio spots -- here and here) and it's starting small -- it'll run on cable television and cost about $1,000 to run, Rukavina said.

"I think it shows my humor," he said.

Judge the humor for yourself here:





Here's the ad transcript --

Medium Wide shot of a young boy and his mother eating breakfast at a table. Sunlight is shining in through the windows onto the table which is filled with traditional breakfast fare. A plate of toast, bowl of fruit, carton of milk, and pitcher of o.j. all sit next to a bland looking, unappealing box of cereal, "Pawlenty Flakes." The mother chews slowly on her cereal, while the kid holds the spoon in front of his face, the soggy goop drips back into the bowl.


The last eight years of Minnesota politics has left a bad taste in a lot of people’s mouths. The mother can hardly gulp down what she was chewing. She throws down her spoon in disgust as the boy looks over in dismay.


This is terrible, I can’t take it anymore!

Wide shot of Tom in foreground holding a box of Refreshingly Honest cereal. Tom responds to the mother, the family looks up at him intrigued as he addresses the camera.


And you shouldn’t have to. I’ve got just the thing that will give Minnesotans like you a brighter outlook for the day.

Cut to: Medium Close-Up beauty shot of cereal being poured slow motion into a bowl.


Tom Rukavina’s Refreshingly Honest platform is packed with the progressive ingredients needed for
a better Minnesota...

Cut to: An animation screen highlighting the elements in the cereal. As each element of his platform is referenced, an emblem that represents it, glows and jumps out towards the viewer.

...a stable budget and fair taxes, the best education possible, job creation, environmental protection
and affordable health care for all Minnesotans.

Wide shot of Tom sitting at the table with the mother and son, the Pawlenty Flakes have been replaced with
Refreshingly Honest cereal. They are all eating a bowl enjoying themselves.

What do you think folks?

The two look up from their bowls with smiles and nod with approval.

Medium CU product shot of the Refreshingly Honest cereal box on the table with the other food.


Tom Rukavina’s Refreshingly Honest platform is part of a complete and
balanced Minnesota.


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