Here's a quick Kim Royston update:

The surgery on his broken left leg took too hours Friday. According to Kim's father, Chris, the procedure included the insertion of a titanium rod into the leg and it all went off without any complications. 

So now the question is, when will Royston be back? That, according to his father, is the big question. "There is a chance, if everything goes perfectly, he could be ready for Middle Tennessee State," Chris Royston said of the Gophers' opening game this fall.

This was a two-bone break, and it was an open wound, all of which complicates the recovery process. The good news is that the team doctor was at practice when it happened and was able to provide immediate care. Royston is also a young, healthy man, and that helps. Last year Gophers center Jeff Tow-Arnett was able to come back from a broken bone to appear in the bowl game, that was a one-bone break, and it was not an open wound. Chris Royston also referenced the broken leg suffered by Terrell Owens in 2004. That, again, was just a one-bone break. Still, Owens was able to return about six weeks later to play in the Super Bowl.

"The titanium rod will help with bone regeneration," Chris Royston said. "Best case scenario is he should be fine. The question is, when does he get cleared? Will he be able to plant and go?"

Already a rehab schedule is being drawn up. Royston will not wear a cast, but he will be in a walking boot by next week which will prevent weight being put on the leg. Doctors want no weight on the recovering bones for six weeks. That said, Chris Royston said his son will begin doing light work in a pool as early as next week.

"He would be a candidate for a medical redshirt, that is an avenue he could go down, but we don't believe that will be necessary," Chris Royston said. "I believe he will have a shot (to play this season). If, for some reason, the bone doesn't regenerate quickly, or if thee are complications, (a medical redshirt) would be an option. But it's way too early to be thinking about that."





 Have a good day.

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