Royce White's missed Minnesota's first 10 games because of legal troubles. He recently pled guilty to shoplifting and disorderly conduct in relation to an Oct. 13 incident at the Mall of America. And university police have called him a possible suspect in a November on-campus burglary.

He's spent a chunk of his time away from the team working on his music career. White's posted two videos on YouTube under the name "whiteandbrownrecords."

The latest video, released Monday, shows White talking about a couple of his artists, a rapper and a singer. He also praises Minnesota head coach Tubby Smith.

"The truth about Tubby Smith is he’s one of the best coaches of all time, he’s been a great teacher to me," he said. "I can’t wait to get back to the Barn for him and play for him, man."

(Here's a link to the video. Caution: language.)

The obstacle standing between White and a return to the program is the on-campus burglary investigation. University officials have acknowledged that White is a "possible suspect" in the November theft of a laptop. 

U of M police deputy chief Chuck Miner said Monday that the investigation will take another month before it's completed. He also said that additional charges, along with burglary, are possible and police believe multiple people may be involved with the burglary.

He said he expects to take the "next steps" in the investigation in the coming weeks, after working with "others involved."

Miner also said that there's video from the residence hall where the burglary took place that night. He didn't specify whether that video shows people entering the building, inside the building or near/inside the dorm room where the laptop was stolen.

"There is video of some of the individuals who are involved in the incident," he said.

Miner added: "It’s still actively investigated and nobody’s been cleared of anything yet," he said. "Another month before there’s something we can say about it ... before it’s concluded."

Miner said police recently talked to the investigation's "only known suspect" but didn't get a lot out of that meeting.

"We initially received some cooperation," Miner said. "We did have a meeting with our only known suspect. … That was very unproductive. ... We didn’t get the cooperation we were hoping for [in] helping identify the other group of individuals that appeared to be involved in the incident."

Miner also said he's had "extremely little conversation" with university/athletic officials.

None of these legal matters have affected White's pursuit of his passion for music.

Good thing for White, he's not alone.


1. The 1985 Bears

2. Kobe performs at the 2000 All-Star Game

3. John Daly .. Singing Something ...

4. The Carl Lewis National Anthem ...

5. And finally ... I promise this is the last one .. Ron Artest ... Singing!