Watertown-Mayer finally got a victory for second-year head coach Craig Johnson. In fact, it's the Royals' first of not only his administration, but the Obama administration.

Before Friday's 35-7 romp over Jordan, the Royals' last victory came during MEA Week -- in 2008.

"We felt coming into the year that we had a pretty good ballclub and should have a pretty good season," Johnson said. "I think our No. 1 opponent was in between our ears."

Watertown-Mayer nearly won Sept. 9 at Mayer Lutheran. But a decision to go for two at the end of the game failed and gave the Crusaders the 14-13 edge. That set the table for last Friday's home game against the Hubmen. Twenty-one consecutive games -- nine in front of a home crowd -- without tasting victory.

By halftime, the sweetness of it all was evident.

"To jump right out and get [a 21-0] lead was just great," Johnson said. "We played a great first half, but when you're not used to winning a lot you're just kind of unsure. Once we made it 28-0 late in the third quarter it was like, 'Hey, we got this thing.'"

Fans joined players on the field for a postgame celebration. Johnson, while pleased with the victory, couldn't help but let the coach inside him burn a little on the ride home.

"It was supposed to be a happy day, but we had 10 guys on the field for a few plays at the end and I was mad about that," he grumbled while also chuckling. "You know old coaches -- never satisfied. But I'm happy for the boys to battle through that streak and fight to get the monkey off their back."

Wayzata going far

Wayzata's football game this week will be played at the University of Dubuque against Caramel Catholic, a high school near Chicago. The field was a compromise spot, as both teams wanted to play the game but neither wanted to travel the full distance.