What you’ll find: Highly curated, handmade goods from the Midwest that have (finally) been given the showstopping shelf space they deserve. “Typical pop-up and maker retail spaces are shoved into empty-tenant mall spaces,” says Rose & Loon’s creative director Jerrod Sumner. “This space has been built out for us.” The 4,000-square-foot floor plan allows for a demonstration area where customers can talk with makers and watch them work, and plenty of space for the luxury bags, clothes, homegoods and apothecary items that Sumner curates from the Great Lakes to the Great Plains.

What you won’t find: Heaps of Minnesota-shaped cutting boards and keychains that blare “Minneapolis” in neon colors. “We were really committed to not having everything be in the shape of Minnesota,” Sumner says with a laugh. (But if you’re looking for the state’s outline, you will find a few items sporting it.)

Who will love it: Everyone. You don’t have to be local to appreciate gorgeous waxed canvas bags, eye-catching prints or leather can koozies. But if you like something, act fast. The beauty (and potential frustration) of handmade goods is that when they’re gone, they’re gone. Collections will stay on shelves for eight months and then new selections of regional items will rotate in. If the wares spark your creative juices, note that the store will host classes and Meet the Maker events, too.

Get the goods: Rose & Loon is located on the upper level of Von Maur Court in the Rosedale mall. Check Roseandloon.com for events, featured artisans and application deadlines for artisans who want “in.”

— Laine Bergeson Becco