The new iPhone's rose gold cover was just the tip of the iceberg.

Rose gold has long been popular among jewelry designers and in the fashion world, from Michael Kors using the color to accent watches and handbags, to Ted Baker's use of it on the zippers of dresses and coats.

But recently the metallic pink seems to be everywhere, from high-tech products to low-ball glassware. The trend has trickled over to home decor, where shiny accessories aim to polish up your space.

Target recently released a home collection that is peppered with gold and pinkish pieces. Home designer Jonathan Adler revealed a collection that features rose gold prominently.

Stephanie Gamble, a Baltimore interior designer, sees rose gold's comeback as part of a broader trend.

"I love all the golds coming back," she said. "For so long it was the silver, but gold has an everlasting elegance that is warm and sophisticated and, of course, sparkly."

Gamble has been on the lookout for rose gold items while shopping for vintage pieces. She has stocked up on flatware and glassware with rose gold accents, which she says are perfect for cocktails and can be used as flower holders.

Gamble prefers to use rose gold sparingly to maximize its appearance.

"The best way to incorporate rose gold is through lighting," Gamble said. "From lamps or perhaps a tiny speck of it in a tiny chandelier, lighting is a great way to incorporate any metal."

Introducing small amounts of rose gold to your home's interior will keep it looking classic rather than too trendy, she said.

For a more glamorous treatment, Phillip Smith, owner of Baltimore-based Philip Smith Design, likes to use rose gold in big, bold ways.

When Apple recently introduced the iPhone in a rose gold finish, Smith said he immediately knew that the trend would spill over into home decor.

"I've always been a fan of it," he said. "I first saw it come back three years ago in fashion when a lot of my girlfriends would wear rose gold pendants or watches."

Now, Smith is dreaming up uses of the rose-hued metal in home decor.

Rose gold can go either way — soft when paired with white marble or completely glam, he said.

Pairing the color with sequins is a winner, said Smith, who envisioned a sequined rose gold throw placed over a charcoal velvet sofa. He also suggested using the sparkling combination for dining-table runners.

"That would add flair for any type of party," said Smith.

Both Gamble and Smith agree that now is a good time to introduce rose gold.

"I think it can be really beautiful — especially with the holidays coming up," Gamble said. "It's very warm. It's not a cold metallic. It's befitting for the holidays."

Rose gold is the perfect color for festive centerpieces and table settings, in Smith's opinion. "Some people think of the holidays and entertaining with red and green, but you can entertain with metal," he said. "It has that extra twinkle."