Timberwolves President Gersson Rosas hasn't shied away from questions regarding Andrew Wiggins' inconsistent play. And as he made the media rounds at his first State Fair on Thursday, almost every outlet asked him how he planned to unlock Wiggins' potential.

"Andrew in particular with his talent and physical abilities, the potential he's shows, we've got to get that on a more consistent basis," Rosas said at the Star Tribune stage. "He's focused on it as well. In order for us to have the success we want to have, he's got to be a main contributor. He understands that, we understand that

"... To be fair to him, he needs some continuity in terms of coaching, philosophy, strategy and style of play. We think he's going to be one of the better beneficiaries of this style of play. His physical tools, talent and skill. We do feel there's a lot of upside for him. He's worked very hard this summer. He's been committed to everything that we've done."