In my mind, I'm 6 feet 8 inches, 225 pounds and Kirk Cousins' favorite receiver. Sadly, the data suggest otherwise. In reality I'm 5-foot-10 (and a half), but let's round up to 5-11.

Americans are preoccupied with inches, especially when it comes to expected snow in their yards from winter storms. It may be an unhealthy obsession, one science can't live up to.

My favorite college professor, John Cahir, suggested the nuisance-plowable-crippling scale, which I've borrowed liberally since 1980.

There may, in fact, be a better way to set expectations with storm impacts. NOAA's Winter Storm Severity Index factors snow, ice, wind, timing and geography to provide more clarity on what a specific storm may do. A "Category 4" winter storm may be in our long-range outlook.

That said, no weather drama or fun-with-inches challenges are imminent. The pattern is devoid of major storms; maybe some slush the middle of next week. Romp in perfect snow soon because a January thaw arrives next week.