Former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty, considered a leading contender for the Republicans' VP slot, frequently says he will help presumptive GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney any way he can.
On Tuesday, Romney named him an honorary chairman of the Polish Americans for Romney coalition.
The announcement came as Romney finished up a weeklong overseas tour with a stop in Poland, where he picked up the support of legendary Solidarity leader Lech Walesa.
“For Poland and Polish-Americans, Mitt Romney is the man of the hour,” Pawlenty said in a statement released by the Pawlenty camp.
Also serving as honorary chairmen are U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska and U.S. Rep. Dan Benishek of Michigan.
For tea leaf readers in the ongoing 2012 presidential veepstakes, the question regarding T-Paw remains: Part of the buildup? Or an early consolation prize?