Roller coaster of emotions

From the thrill of the rollercoasters to the agony of dropped cookies, we witnessed the ups and downs of a day at the State Fair. 


Cousins Alajiah Campbell, 9, Jasoni Bennett, 8, and Kyloni Davenport, 12, of Duluth wore the thrill of the Crazy Mouse spinning roller coaster on their faces.
Kingston Claiborne, almost 2, had had enough of the fair. "It's time to go home," said his mom.
K-La Deschene, 14, of Blaine took a nap in her younger siblings' stroller as her mother, Jessica, stood beside her. "Her sisters are playing and she's bored," said her mother.
Mioki Myszkowski of Rochester calls taking her kids to the fair “absolute pure joy,” and Lady Luck seemed to smile upon their midway exploits, too.
"I want the piggy," cried 5-year-old Veda Reinitz-Albers to her father Mark of Henderson, Minn., after they called it quits on playing carnival games at the Midway.
Partners Bob Stoll and Linda Vague, of Greenfield, Minn., shared a long kiss Thursday night while wandering the Midway.