Rather than skim Digg for ideas, let's just see report what Digg is posting. It's always hit and miss, and the resemblance to the old Digg is nonexistent, but for some reason when I edit my bookmarks it always stays. Let's see . . . well, sometimes the ideas you pitch turn out not to be as fun as you thought:

I Binge-Watched Periscope TV And It Almost Killed Me

No, it didn't.

The author has declared an impossible task:

Why You Should Care About The One Who Left One Direction

Sorry, I am not a 13-year-old girl. 

This is promising:

How Do You Get Kids To Listen To 'Good' Music?

Writing on the Web site Fatherly back in September, Batyske described keeping a Sonos speaker system in the nursery and hoped that his son would learn to enjoy classic ’90s hip-hop as well as John Coltrane’s 1965 opus “A Love Supreme,” while also admitting that he would be “crushed” if his son didn’t appreciate the likes of A Tribe Called Quest and De La Soul.

Oh. The "Good" Music is all pop, not Classical. You might recall the popularity of forcing your gestating offspring to listen to Mozart, so their brains would be awl-sharp when they were born, and would be writing fugues on the wall with fingerpaints by the time they were one.

I played my daughter a lot of 40s music when she was strapped in the carseat and unable to protest. A few years ago she became interested in old jazz, but whether that had anything to do with those early years I don't know, and I rather doubt it.

Oh, dear:

Hasbro Releases A Lifelike Robotic Cat For Old People

It's the Joy For All line. More here. It's as depressing as you think.