Road work will shut down parts of Interstate 394, nearby frontage roads and the Lyndale Avenue bridge this summer, causing major commuter headaches along one of the metro area's busiest stretches of highway.

A 3-mile stretch of I-394 between Hwy. 100 and I-94 in Minneapolis will be resurfaced along with the frontage roads on both sides of the highway. The Lyndale Avenue bridge over Dunwoody Boulevard will be redecked.

The project will be done in phases in June and July. The general purpose lanes in one direction of I-394 will close for 14 days and all traffic, including transit, carpools and MnPass users, will shift onto the two HOV/MnPass reversible lanes between Hwy. 100 and I-94. When that's done, the lanes will reopen and the same traffic shift will occur in the opposite direction.

During the project, when general traffic takes over the HOV/MnPass lanes, MnPass users won't be charged a fee to use the lanes between Hwy. 100 and I-94 but will be charged if they use the lanes between Hwy. 100 and I-494. MnPass account holders, however, won't be charged a transponder lease fee in June and July and will see credit for those months on their monthly statement.

Road crews will begin work on the HOV/MnPass reversible lanes once the general purpose lanes are complete. But work on those lanes will be done during the weekends and shouldn't affect weekday MnPass operations.

Commuters likely will want to consider alternate routes or be prepared for slow traffic and congestion during the project, transportation officials said.

But when it's done, the highway will be smoother, short-term maintenance costs should be reduced and the life of the Lyndale Avenue bridge will be extended, officials said.

MnPass customers who have questions can contact customer service at 1-866-397-4334.