Jimmy Fallon does a bit on "The Tonight Show" where he hands out "superlatives" to people — more or less fake yearbook quotes. You might have seen it; I've caught it once or twice, but usually I'm far to cool (or, what I mean to say is, I'm already asleep).

Anyway, with the Vikings and Packers set to play on "Sunday Night Football" on NBC (synergy!), a few players from each squad got put through the process the other night.

They're fairly harmless — a little mean if you look at them one way, a little funny if you look at them another way.

All I know is Audie Cole might be getting relentlessly teased about it for the rest of the year.

The full video — find it on "The Tonight Show" YouTube page — features Cole, Shamar Stephen, Jeff Locke and Shaun Hill from the Vikings as well as a number of Packers players, including running back Eddie Lacy.

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