A 23-year-old Richfield woman has pleaded guilty to fatally stabbing her longtime boyfriend after he wanted sex while she was trying to sleep.

Bianca L. Jackson entered her plea Monday in Hennepin County District Court on a charge of unintentional second-degree murder in the death of 21-year-old Anthony Morgan in June 2015.

Jackson, who remains jailed, is scheduled to be sentenced on Dec. 21. State guidelines recommend a term ranging from 10 years and eight months to just shy of 13 years.

During her guilty plea, Jackson said she and Morgan were arguing in his apartment in the 2100 block of 3rd Avenue S. in Minneapolis and she pulled out a pocket knife.

She said she meant to stab his shoulder, but instead jabbed it into the base of his neck. The knife cut a major artery.

According to the criminal complaint, Jackson went to the apartment about noon to visit Morgan. They had been dating for several years. Around 4 p.m., they were both in bed. She wanted to sleep and Morgan wanted sex, so she stabbed him.

Morgan fled out the apartment building door and ran to two men standing nearby. One gave him a towel to apply to his wound, while the other called for an ambulance. Morgan was transported to the Hennepin County Medical Center and died a short time later.