Eero Wi-Fi system $199 to $499

Sometimes it’s best to pay for coverage

If you’re disappointed with your provided Wi-Fi router, make it better with a system like eero.

The eero system delivers on its promise of fast, easy Wi-Fi coverage for any home. It will do a great job at your house if you don’t choke on the price. We’re classifying it as a system because while a single eero box ($199) can be a stand-alone Wi-Fi router, you need multiple eero boxes to form a mesh network that extends coverage throughout your home.

A mesh network is one where multiple nodes talk to each other to provide greater coverage. Think about how Wi-Fi works at an office, hotel or hospital. There are multiple boxes spaced evenly around the facility so you can move around and stay connected. This is how eero is designed to function.

If you have a large house or one with Wi-Fi dead zones, setting up a Wi-Fi mesh network to cover your whole house in 15 minutes might be the best solution. The recommendation is one router box for every thousand square feet (it’s $499 for three boxes).

The eero is missing a few advanced features. There are no parental controls, you can’t specify the security protocol and you can’t manually set a channel or frequency.

However, overall, it might pay to spend the money for a system with constant coverage.


June Free

End your search for a good calendar app

A good calendar app can be hard to find, particularly if you want something attractive, feature-rich and easy to use. June takes a good run at being all of those, plus a decent to-do app to boot. The app makes it easy to move appointments around and annotate them. So a “dentist appointment” reminder, for example, can quickly be placed on your calendar once you’ve scheduled it. You can also save websites you’ve navigated directly to a memo in the app.

Features vary depending on whether you are using an Android phone or an iPhone. The app does require in-app purchases to connect to certain services such as Evernote or the iOS Reminders app. June, by virtue of being a three-in-one app, doesn’t perfect any of its functions. But in terms of having a comprehensive to-do, memo and calendar app, you could do a lot worse than this colorful offering.