APPLE ios 9


Update should be fine for newer devices

Based on testing, it should be safe for consumers with newer Apple devices, like iPhones and iPads released in the past two years, to get the iOS 9 update in the next few months. For customers with Apple devices that are at least three years old, wait a little longer to see what the early adopters report.

This time around, unlike with the release of iOS 8, Apple let the public test drive and provide feedback on early iOS 9 version, which should reduce the odds for nasty bugs to show up on day one.

Other upgrades with iOS 9:

• Apple is taking multiple steps toward improving battery life, adding up to three hours of life. Putting an iPhone facedown on a table tells the phone not to light up with notifications. Operating system apps in general also will run more efficiently and use less power. And Apple added what it calls a low-power mode, which can be activated to turn off battery-hogging activities like animated wallpapers and motion effects.

• Siri's capabilities are expanded significantly in iOS 9. The assistant is, in short, better at understanding you, using the context of your data. It is also more tightly integrated into the system's search tool.

• Customers with the latest models of iPads will find that iOS 9 lets them work more like traditional computers. For example, two apps, or a video and an app, can be on the screen at the same time.



$40 to $50

New offerings add more without breaking bank

Amazon has introduced new versions of its Fire TV products, which plug into television sets to stream content over an Internet connection. Notably, customers can now buy a Fire TV streaming stick or set-top box with a remote control that can find content to watch using voice commands, similar to the new Siri-powered Apple TV.

But unlike Apple, which raised the starting price of its new Apple TV from $70 to $150, Amazon is holding its prices relatively steady. You can get the latest stick for the same $40 as before, or a voice remote for $50. The Fire TV set-top box with the new remote is the same price as the previous model: $100.