As anyone who has owned a Border collie knows, that breed of dog needs a job. Traditionally, of course, the job is herding sheep, but some Border collies are inveterate fetchers, and others, despite their long hair and shortish legs, love to swim. Whatever it is, they will do it until they drop.

Momo's passion is playing hide and seek, something his owner, Andrew Knapp, discovered one day during a game of fetch. Knapp's book, "Find Momo," is a "Where's Waldo?" of photographs — sweeping vistas, urban landscapes, factories, playgrounds — and in each one, Momo is hiding, peering out of something or from behind something, just his intense eyes and the white blaze of his snout visible. Sometimes you can find him only by the bright red collar around his neck. Sometimes you can't find him at all, and then the key in the back of the book comes in handy.

It gets hilarious, his serious face poking out from all kinds of places: Momo in a firetruck, in a field of old tires, on top of a house. Is there nowhere that dog won't go? Of course not; he's a Border collie. He's driven.

The "Momo facts" interspersed every few pages aren't necessary — his hobbies, his weight, his tricks, an odd little section on curling (the author is Canadian). But as long as Momo is in each picture, we'll keep looking.