We're not in the habit of pointing readers to Q&As with college football coaches that have no tangible connection to Minnesota, but we were so engrossed/amused by this Q&A with outgoing Florida Atlantic football coach Howard Schnellenberger -- a football lifer who also coached the Miami Hurricanes to a national title, among other things -- that we felt it needed sharing.

We'll let you delve into it at your leisure, but please chew on this little snippet about the Orange Bowl against Nebraska following the 1983 season. The 'Canes won 31-30, and this is how Schnellenberger remembers the finish:

"We had to come up with some good plays at the end there to win it, but we did force them to resort to the [redacted] fumblerooski. I told them before the game if those [redacteds] have to run the fumblerooski, come to the sidelines and party because they have given up their right of manhood."

If that doesn't make you want to read more, we don't know what will. Here is the link. Thanks to Stu for calling it to our attention, with a hat tip also to EDSBS.