With voting on a Republican U.S. Senate pick still to go, convention delegates decided to take a break.

In a flurry of 2 a.m.. votes, they opted to resume work after some sleep.

Shortly before they called it quits, the convention was split between their two remaining candidates, St. Louis County Commissioner Chris Dahlberg and businessman Mike McFadden. Dahlberg had 54 percent of the vote and McFadden had 44 percent.

With a supermajority of 60 percent required for endorsement, delegates, who had been working all day, moved to take it up after some sleep.

"It's part of the process," Samuel Hass, of Burnsville, said. He and his wife are first time delegates and didn't expect to be at the convention all night. "I'm not much of a night owl but it's fun."

On Saturday, delegates may have an equally long day ahead of them.

They had long been expected to take up endorsement of a candidate to face Gov. Mark Dayton. Now, they will also have to continue their battle over who they believe should face Sen. Al Franken as well.

No matter who delegates pick in those premiere contests, Republicans will also see a primary in August.

McFadden and several prominent candidates for governor have all said they will run in a primary, regardless of who wins the convention-goers votes.

Abby Simons contributed to this report.