ESPN and Pro Football Talk are reporting that Adrian Peterson has reached a plea bargain to avoid prison time in his child abuse case.

The ESPN report says that Peterson will "plead guilty Tuesday to a lesser charge than the felony child-abuse charge that he is currently facing."

Mike Florio of NBC's Pro Football Talk website reported: "Peterson will plead no contest to one count of misdemeanor reckless assault.  The plea will not include reference to family violence or violence against a minor."

Florio's full report is here. He reports that if the judge accepts the deal, Peterson would pay a fine, be placed on probation and be required to perform community service.

Talking with reporters at Winter Park on Tuesday, Vikings general manager Rick Spielman had little to say about Peterson.

“All I’m going to say is basically at the appropriate time, and I know you guys can appreciate this, we’ll keep all of our comments under the Adrian situation until it’s appropriate to speak,” Spielman said. “And I’ll just leave it at that. I know Coach [Mike] Zimmer talked to you guys yesterday. I’m probably not going to go any further on the Adrian situation.”

Asked when the appropriate time would be — after all, there were rumblings that Peterson was about to agree to a plea deal down in Texas that would allow him to avoid jail time — Spielman responded, “We’ll let everybody know.”

A bond revocation hearing had been scheduled for Tuesday after Peterson admitted he has smoked marijuana while awaiting a court hearing last month.

If Peterson's legal situation is setlled, the National Football league will have to decide whether further disciplinary action is warranted. Peterson has been suspended with pay since mid-September.

Veteran linebacker Chad Greenway said that Peterson wouldn't need to do anything special to be welcomed back to the team.

“What he needs to do is just get his stuff figured out and taken care of. That’s really it,” said Greenway, who added: " As far as what’s happened, it’s his business. He’s got to handle it. And we’re here to do our jobs, so that’s what we’re focused on.”

Said tight end Kyle Rudolph: “We all know the kind of person he is and we’ve stood behind him this whole time. You’d be crazy not to welcome him back into that locker room. I think it would be a big pick-up for this locker room being that we have so many young guys. Any time you can have a veteran back in that locker room, the leader that he is in the locker room, out on the practice field would be huge for us.

Rookie quarterback Teddy Bridgewater said: “I’ve only spent such a short period of time with Adrian, but as far as the other players have told me, he’s nothing but a great guy. I think that would still go well. He’s a guy that everybody loves around here in that locker room, so if he does come back, I’m pretty sure everyone will still take him in.”