Late Tuesday morning, rumors (that proved to be wrong) began to circulate that Vincent Jackson was headed to the Vikings. Very early Wednesday morning (12:45 a.m. to be exact), there is a report that a potential Vikings-Chargers deal looks to be dead.

According to Jason Cole of Yahoo Sports!, the Vikings offered the Chargers a second-round pick and a conditional pick in 2011 for Jackson but San Diego wants a second- and third-round selection in next April's draft.

The Vikings' condition on the pick was that it would go to the Chargers if they signed Jackson to a long-term contract. However, Jackson would have -- and still could -- arrive in Minnesota playing under a one-year deal that likely would pay him between $6 and $7 million.

The reality is that with the potential free agents the Vikings already figure to have to deal with this coming offseason -- linebackers Chad Greenway and Ben Leber and wide receiver Sidney Rice are three of them -- it seemed like a long shot that Jackson would be up for a multi-year deal.

Remember, the Vikings also are going to need to address the contract situation of running back Adrian Peterson, whose deal will void after the 2011 season. Peterson is sure to want a new deal after this season, if and when a new collective bargaining agreement makes that possible.

The Chargers, meanwhile, are asking for second- and third-rounders based on what the Denver Broncos got for Brandon Marshall this spring, according to Cole. But as Cole points out in his story, the Broncos received two second-round selections from Miami for Marshall after having agreed to a five-year, $47.5 million deal with him. The Vikings could possibly get only 12 games from Jackson.

All three sources that Cole spoke to were not optimistic about a trade being worked out with either the Vikings or another unidentified team (Washington?) that is willing to give Jackson a long-term deal. The trade must be done by 3 p.m. Wednesday or Jackson's suspension will be six games and not four under an agreement reached last week between the NFL and the NFL Players Association.

If Jackson has to sit for six games, it's likely any trade talks would be completely dead.