Gone are the days of the Replacements writing songs about tonsillectomies and hating school.

Nowadays, the reunited Minneapolis punk heroes are taking aim at more age-appropriate subject matter — like Whole Foods.

In the freshly debuted song “Whole Foods Blues,” Paul Westerberg and the boys take a bluesy, loping shot at the health-conscious grocery giant, with lines such as, “I went down to Whole Foods / To get something good to eat / All I got was attitude / From your hippie hair, to your punk-rock feet.”

The ’Mats have tested out the slow-burning track at recent shows, including dates in Portland and Los Angeles. The band’s 2015 reunion tour will bring them back to the Midwest next week, with concerts scheduled in Chicago April 29-30 and Milwaukee on May 2.

Replacements’ co-manager Darren Hill recently told Billboard that the group has recorded seven or eight new songs — including some material recorded at the home studio of Twin Cities musician Kevin Bowe — but has no plans for a formal release. Recording sessions will resume sometime in the near future, he added.

So far the band has released only one song, the 24-minute improv-jazz jam "Poke Me In My Cage," which it posted on its Soundcloud page.

Hill also teased a forthcoming documentary made in collaboration with “Oscar-winning filmmakers,” plus the upcoming release of two vinyl box sets via Rhino Records, spanning the group’s complete discography. One set will cover the four records for local label Twin/Tone — from “Sorry Ma” through “Let It Be” — while another will include the four subsequent albums for Sire Records.